Mindset is our identity, the core values we live by, the beliefs that make up our habits and that we have to actively work on, and our skills, acquired throughout life.

The scope of my work

Helping Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives and Organizations to accelerate their growth

Emília Alves has a disruptive and intuitive approach in the work she develops with Entrepreneurs, which will allow her to unblock unwanted situations, clarify the decision making process and outline a path of growth and development, becoming the inspirational leader that teams believe will take them to the next level.

- Helping Entrepreneurs, Executives and Organizations to accelerate their growth and achieve the results they desire; other levels of development and satisfaction for having reached their goals.
- To prepare Family Businesses for a Succession Process or for sale. 

Responding to their greatest challenges:
- Time: Productivity and quality of life of the entrepreneur
- Money: liquidity and profit
- Team: having the right people in the right places
- Organization and future strategy: 1, 3 and 5 years
- Succession: legacy or sale? 


— For your business.

Profit, as an ethical imperative of management, is what will allow the business to accelerate and share with all its stakeholders. But the most important thing in a Company is, and it will always will be, People. 

- Emília Alves

CEO & Business Strategist


As a structuring basis of focus and commitment to action, which provides freedom and the creation of time.


Leadership by values! 


Coherence and consistency
in action. 

Quality guarantee.

Quarterly measurement of results, according to the established KPIs, and if these have not been met, with commitment and focus from both parties, free follow-up will be guaranteed until these results are achieved. What do you want for the future of your business? 

What do you want for the future of your business?

Let's talk about Business Strategy.

Everything you need for a dream business.

Elaboration of the Entrepreneur Profile
Weekly Check in with the Entrepreneur: from Planning to Strategy
Strategic Planning with Teams
Setting Priorities and Measuring Results

Step 5 - Ready? 

This methodology has been applied by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and I would like to introduce you to how it works.

Let's talk?

Coaching solutions for companies and individuals. 

Let's talk about

What can you achieve in your company?

- Increased Motivation and Energy
- Increased Focus and Productivity
- Better Interpersonal Relationships
- Better Personal and Professional Performance
- Find Purpose and Job Satisfaction

Let's talk?



Presentations and Seminars with Impact
- Leadership Development
- Personal Development
- People are People: hiring and aligning successful teams
- How to systematize a business for growth
- How to prepare a business for succession
- High Performance Sales Teams
- Creating Time: Time is what you do with it

Let's talk?


Give voice
to your


Let's learn how to achieve the design dream.

Leadership without a Script.

Estilos de Liderança: Rui Monteiro
Bem estar e diversão no trabalho
Estilos de Liderança: Inês Mocho
De Maquilhadora a Líder e Empresária
Estilos de Liderança: Luís Leonor
À descoberta de outros mercados

Books I recommend 

The Culture Playbook

Daniel Coyle

The Earned Life

Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Reiter

The Prepared Leader

Erika H. James, Lynn Perry Wooten

They Ask You Answer

Marcus Sheridan

Trust and Inspire

Stephen M.R. Covey

Man's Search for Meaning

Viktor E. Frankl

BE 2.0 (Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0)

Jim Collins

Good to Great

Jim Collins

Built to Last

Jim Collins

Good Strategy/
Bad Strategy:
the Difference
and Why it

Richard Rumelt

The Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell

The Ultimate Blueprint

Keith J. Cunningham

The Road Less Stupid

Keith J. Cunningham

"Fantastic professional"

With Emília's support over months of working together, it has been possible to achieve excellent levels of organization and results, both personal and organizational! Emília is a fantastic professional, of my total confidence and that I strongly recommend.

— Pedro Vicente
Board Member at Habitat Invest
June 20, 2020, Pedro was a client of Emilia Maria's

"Professional of excellence"

Emilia is a professional of excellence and a reference in the area of Executive and Business coaching. I had the opportunity to follow her work closely, which allowed me to confirm the results she helps her clients achieve. She is very focused, resilient, and challenge-oriented. I also highlight her constant search for learning and developing new skills. I wish her all the success she deserves.

— Isis Antunes
Specialist in Personal and Parental Leadership | Coach | Trainer | Mentor

November 26, 2020, Emilia Maria worked with Isis in the same group

"Top Performer"

Top Performer! 2 major recognitions: As a Speaker Have been in several events with her and always impress me with her communications skills handling big audiences and delivering it with impact. Her charisma and style is an additional value. As a Business Coach I had the privilege of working with Emilia. Emilia's expertise and knowledge about business had such a great influence in helping me to "think out of the box", while guiding my business with best practices that have worked for many other companies. The best practices that she provided me proved valuable along my path and I can't thank her enough for the support! She is so commited and empowers you to succeed in your business challenges. Highly recommend her services.

— Pedro Caramez
Linkedin Book Author, Speaker, Consultant || Transforming Companies on Social Selling | Recruiting | Digital Marketing
May 17, 2020, Emilia Maria was a client of Pedro’s

"I highly recommend"

I highly recommend Emilia for her characteristics of assertiveness, creativity and insight. She supported our company in improving performance, maintaining a very professional and effective interaction but with humor and proximity.

— Judite Abraão Neto
Owner & Managing Director na Aroma Club
November 29, 2020, Judite was a client of Emilia Maria’s

"Passion, dedication and organization"

I recommend Emília Alves as a Business Coach, being very grateful for the journey she has taken with me. She is an excellent professional who puts passion, dedication and organization in everything she does and promotes these qualities in her coachees. She has a remarkable capacity for assessment and diagnosis of the challenges and needs for improvement that we have as business owners/entrepreneurs, which allows for guidance and focus on what is essential to achieve our professional goals, but not letting us forget that we are also social and emotional beings, mothers, daughters and women, calling us to reason for the necessary and healthy balance between work and personal life. As a trainer, she is someone who has the gift of captivating the audience through her charisma and clarity of speech, with topics that are always current and timely. She is an empathetic, intelligent person who motivates us to grow our BEING, before doing and having. I am very grateful for everything she has taught me and for the support she has given me, which goes far beyond her professional obligations. Best Regards.

- Sandra Geriante
Founder, Owner & Managing Director - Izirest | Real Estate Broker Izi Estate & Business - Veigas Portugal
October 7, 2020, Sandra was a client of Emilia Maria’s

"Super motivated"

Emília Alves is a person who captivated me from the first minute I met her, by her clear and direct speech. She is currently my coach and is the conscience shackle I needed! She guides me and keeps me from getting out of my goal line. I have learned a lot from her, especially in terms of personal development and assertiveness. I recommend Emília because she is a super motivated person, gets involved in the projects tooth and nail and says everything she has to say, be it for good or bad.

- Chetal Kantilal
Sales Manager @ Tejobrinde | Promotional gifts and textiles
May 16, 2020, Chetal was a client of Emilia Maria’s

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